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HP Latex Printer Installed at Creative Source

In our continued effort to deliver the finest signs, displays and printing to our customers, we've purchased and installed a new HP Latex Printer at Creative Source. The new printer is faster and more versatile than our previous equipment, and delivers a range of high-quality latex indoor and outdoor applications.

Regardless of customers' needs -- outdoor and event banners, posters, vehicle graphics, backlit signs, textile signs and canvases, wall coverings and decals, and more -- our new HP Latex Printer enables us to respond rapidly and more economically than ever before, while maintaining exceptional quality and appearance.

In addition, the bold HP Latex Inks deliver outstanding image quality, consistency and durability. The water-based latex inks are odorless and require no special ventilation. They meet the highest ecological and environmental standards and comply with all international wallcovering industry standards.

We look forward to providing the finest in appearance and application for your next sign, display, or printing job. Call us at (330) 497-5556 for more information.

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