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Color Is Powerful

It enhances our world, it makes us feel certain emotions. But did you know color impacts consumer’s decision making?

Color is key in marketing and advertising.
According to research, 90 percent of gut-reactions made about products can be based on color alone. That’s huge for your brand – your logos, banners, signs, websites, social media posts. Have you ever considered how color is affecting your marketing and your consumers’ decisions?


Think about these successful brands and how they’re using color to build their brands.

Coca Cola: You don’t think about Coke without thinking “red.” The link to energy, appetite, passion and activity make red the perfect choice for the brand’s messaging.

Starbucks: The company moved from a brown color palette to green in 1987 with the goal of representing growth, freshness, uniqueness and prosperity.

Google: The internet search engine’s rainbow logo is important because it conveys that it represents all things to all people, and no matter what you’re looking for, Google can help.

Viewing Distance


To be an effective form of communication, signs must incorporate sciences behind artistic design principles.

When a sign must be read easily in a minimum amount of time such as when traffic passes by at a high rate of speed it is important that the words be large.

To be readable and to convey its message safely a sign must be detectable, conspicuous, legible, and comprehensible. A sign reportedly should be 40 feet of distance per inch of letter height, which allows for maximum comprehension and legibility day and night.

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